The world of Tobacco is complex, inside you will find emotions and feelings which are identical to those we sense and exchange as humans each and every day, this is why we do not view our business as a job, but as a passion. It is not a nine to five or putting crosses through boxes Monday to Friday, you will find us working consistently seven days a week without pause.

Through failure and success our experience was forged after 10 years of amazing knowledge inside the GN Tobacco we were determined not to let the knowledge be lost to the wayside, as a result, Mad MonkeyZ was born.
As a young entrepreneur it is hard to gain a foothold in a mature market filled with household names, however armed with our potential, drive, creativity and knowledge – dreams are not to be reached, they will be forcibly conquered by us.

Welcome to our world of MAD MONKEYZ, we hope to catch you by the nostrils and bind you to us forever.